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I'm also the author of a couple of Firefox extensions. Check Firefox Showcase and Speed Dial.


I had to design a website with several versions of the same information, and I decided to use Ant to generate the different versions. Also, it takes care of the image transformation, so they can be seen on mobiles or PDAs!

Unfortunately, Ant is quite limited for uses other than compiling. I implemented several miscellaneous tasks to help the image and content manipulation, and I decided to publish them under the Apache license.


Current tasks include:

  • XPath: This is used to perform an XPath query on an XML file. It's designed to be used together with Ant Contrib ForEach task. It uses the Saxon processor.
  • ImageInfo: retrieves the width and height of an specified image.
  • Increase and Decrease: those tasks numerically modify a property.
  • Trim: very simple task that removes the adjacent spaces from a property.
  • Process: lightweight but powerful preprocessor for many types of file.
  • Decomment: decomment files easily, using a syntax equal to the "Copy" Ant task.

For more information about the tasks, see the API pages.


Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2.3
This version now requires Java 1.5, but doesn't require any external library.

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2.3 source code

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2.2

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2.2 source code

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2 source code

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.2 source code

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.1

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.1 source code

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.0

Andariel Ant Tasks 1.0 source code

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